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Democratizing and disrupting real estate investment.

Ownstake is a community-based platform that allows young people to invest in real estate collectively as a means of generating income.
We want to make real estate investment accessible and profitable for everyone(young and old), regardless of their financial situation, color, race, ethic or religion.

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Ownstake is available to everyone all over the world

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Audacity Court

"Own a stake in Audacity Court for as low as 10k"
10% - 15% annual income on your stake

Effortlessly invest in real
estate with Ownstake

Co-owning an income producing asset is now the new goldmine!

Invest in real estate from NGN 10K

Users can spread their payment for 2-3 months if they are buying above 5 stakes

Digital and diversified real estate investing

Buy and manage your diversified portfolio online through our mobile app

Hassle-free ownership

We handle the entire sales process, screen tenants and manage the property, saving you time and money!

Trusted entity with real estate expertise

Ownstake is backed by Meristem, insured by Leadway and our team has experience in real estate.


Real estate combines
the best of all asset

It is one of the most important investments to own and to build long-term wealth.

Storehold of wealth

Real estate is a valuable store of wealth with high recovery potential that many aspire to own.

Passive income

Real estate offers a reliable source of passive income through consistent monthly rental payments, much like bonds do.

Hedge for inflation

Real estate is the oldest asset class in history and has always been a great hedge during inflationary times, just like gold

Value appreciation

Real estate offers the potential for long-term wealth creation through appreciation in value, similar to equities, in addition to providing a consistent monthly passive income for investors.

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