Is to democratize access to property ownership and transform the way young people think about building wealth.

Ownstake is a community-based platform that allows young people to invest in real estate collectively as a means of generating income. Through Ownstake, individuals can pool their resources and invest in a share of a property, with the profits from rent and appreciation distributed among the co-owners.
We want to make real estate investment accessible and profitable for everyone(young and old), regardless of their financial situation, color, race, ethic or religion. By creating a community of investors who share the same goals and interests, Ownstake aims to provide an alternative to traditional real estate investment that is often prohibitively expensive or exclusive.
We’re creating a world where real estate is fully digital, accessible, borderless and liquid.

Leadership Team

Our team has decades of leadership experience at market leaders in real estate, technology, financial services, consulting and creative sectors.

Philips Olajide


Founder Finlig & CTO At Transtura

David Inyang


MD/CEO at Lasgidi2own Homes

Paul Olajide


Chairman & CEO at LandBank Homes