Frequently asked questions

1Who can own a stake at Ownstake?
Anyone can own a stake, professionals, students, artisans, teachers, pastors, imams, security, etc .
2How many or much stake can i own ?
Anyone can own as many stakes as they can afford.
3How do I earn money from owning a stake?
Stakes of properties you own are meant to generate rent which is paid out as dividends either monthly or quarterly depending on the property type.
4Can anyone from any part of the world buy property stocks?
Yes anyone with a smart device and access to the internet from any part of the world can buy property stocks using different payment options.
5How long will my stock ownership last?
It can last just like when you own a property traditionally or until whenever you decide to sell them.
6Do i truly own a fraction of the properties when I buy stakes?
You truly own a fraction of the property when you buy its stake.
7Are all properties listed on Ownstake verifiable by address and documentation?
Yes all properties here are verifiable by address and documentation
8How do you get your properties?
We partner with refutable real estate companies and carry out due diligence on each property
9How is the market capitalization of a property determined?
Price per stake times the circulating number of stakes e.g #30,000 times 2000 stakes = #60,000,000
10Who maintains the property on my behalf?
A company is fully in charge of the maintenance and provides a detailed monthly, quarterly, annual, or bi-annual report
11Can i sell my stake?
Yes you can sell your stake, but you will lose some percentage of it
12Does owning a stake or stakes give me the right to use the property for free?
No, owning a stake or stakes does not give you the right to use the property for free, please visit the ownership terms to learn more.